COVID-19 Really Messed Up My ‘I’m Just So Busy’ Excuse

Image by Roland Schwerdhöfer from Pixabay 

We all have people in our lives that we would rather ignore.

We “forget” to reply to their texts, or we “didn’t see” they called (again). We put off responding to their email for a week or more, and if we see them in person, we always have the same, reliable excuse:

I’m just so busy.

The ways in which we are busy are irrelevant – under normal circumstances – because the human brain is capable of coming up with an endless amount of lies to fill in the details. Work, school, the commute, lawn maintenance, the kids, the dog, etc. etc. Lazily throw any of these into the conversation, and the person you were avoiding can easily see how these activities filled up your time, or distracted you from replying like a decent human being. You get a pass, and they don’t have to know what an asshole you are.

But no more.

COVID-19 has made it so that everyone, everywhere, is home. Even if you still have work, the kids, the dog…you’re still home. Your cell phone is only ever a room away, at most. And the ignored will be ignored no longer. Now when they ping you, you’re leaving them on read during a crisis. They are just checking up on you, after all. Since you didn’t check on them…

You can try these tired excuses, but people are catching on to your games. They have been ignored for too long, and they have had the time during quarantine to think about what a terrible friend you’ve been. And they are prepared for your “new” excuses, too:

I’m just so overwhelmed right now.

You’re always overwhelmed. At least now you don’t have to put on pants, or pull the SUV out of the garage. Try to think of someone but yourself for a change!

My internet has been really spotty lately.

Cell phones don’t need the internet; you can control half the gadgets in your kitchen while streaming a movie without being connected to the WiFi.

I called you last week, didn’t you get my voicemail?

See above; no one has been more than a few feet from their phones since March 13th. If you had called, they would have picked up. You’re a liar!

I own it. I’m a terrible friend.

This is all that’s left for people like us to say, unless we get the courage to speak the real truth, which we won’t. We will never tell the ignored that we don’t want to talk to them. We just don’t have the guts. Best for us, therefore, to take the blame and suffer through half-hearted conversation.

Just think of it as another depressing result of the quarantine.

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