Elisabeth Moss Worried Invisible Man Still Right Behind Her

Image Copyright: MARK ROGERS/UNIVERSAL (Fair Use)

Elisabeth Moss recently starred in Universal’s horror movie The Invisible Man, in which her character is stalked by an unseen man trying to kill her.

The movie is now in theaters, and although filming has been wrapped for months, Moss isn’t so sure that the invisible man isn’t still following her around.

“But how do we know he isn’t here, ya know?” a shivering Moss asked her Starbucks barista. “If we can’t see him, how are we sure?”

Director Leigh Whannell says Moss has contacted him several times since they finished working on the movie.

“She makes a good point,” says Whannell. “Nobody ever saw the guy walk off set. Security cameras never saw where he went, so it is totally possible…No, that’s crazy…Right?”

Several cast and crew members of the horror film have been seen walking around Los Angeles wildly slapping the air, throwing baby powder in a circle around themselves, and running into traffic to avoid their feared stalker.

Oliver Jackson-Cohen, who plays the title character in the – again, totally fictional – scary movie, thinks the idea of the character being real is absurd.

“It’s ludicrous! You would have to be absolutely crazy to believe that,” he told us during a recent phone interview. “And yet, I swear I just felt him breathe on the back of my neck.”

The phone call abruptly ended after that.

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