Father of Gay Son Just Hopes He Isn’t A Bottom

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA – Jeremy (19) just came out to his father, Chuck (49) while they were driving home from a car show. He hadn’t meant to do it, but the conversation of dating came up, and Jeremy couldn’t hold it in any longer. With one hand on the steering wheel, Chuck reached over and squeezed his son’s shoulder.

“That’s alright, boy,” he told his eldest. “I love you no matter what.”

“Really, Dad?” Jeremy asked, his eyes filling up with tears of joy and relief from a secret kept so long. He never in a million years thought his dad – mister macho mechanic – would be so accepting of his homosexuality.

“Really. “I don’t care if you’re gay. Just as long as you’re being safe?…”

“I am,” Jeremy said.

“….and you aren’t the bottom.”

Jeremy looked at his father. The man who sacrificed absolutely nothing to raise him, but never missed an opportunity to remind his son that he could have made something of himself if he didn’t have kids. He couldn’t let him down.

“Of course not, dad,” he lied. “I’m gay, but I’m definitely, for sure, a top.”

“That’s my son,” Chuck said, relief spreading across his face. The pickup truck rode into the sunset.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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