Prince Harry and Meghan Leave Royal Family To Start Own Streaming Service

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have declared their intention to step down from the streaming service titan, The Royal Family, to start their own digital platform somewhere in Canada.

Sources close to the family suggest that Meghan wanted to re-enter the film industry, and Harry always wanted to try directing. They might even try producing one of those roadtrip, food-tasting shows that seem so popular on other platforms.

While Meghan and Harry create their watchlist, the rest of the Windsors are evaluating their current content, and looking at potential re-writes and merchandise control shares. The Queen will remain, of course, with Buckingham Palace, but other characters – such as William and Kate – will likely be made available for crossover opportunities on a limited basis.

The cost of the new streaming service has yet to be reported, but time will tell if the United Kingdom taxpayers are willing to pay the price.

Image Editorial credit: kiciulla /

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