SciFi Novelist Admits He Has Never Even Been to Space

Following the release of his new self-published novel, Earth Babes Go to Outer Space, sci-fi writer Randall Cantwright admits to his readers that he wrote the entire book without ever leaving planet Earth. “I have received tens of emails about the vast setting of Earth Babes from angry readers, and I am stunned by the comments on the inaccuracies of Mars’s atmosphere. My work is fiction, and if you’re focusing on the science stuff- like the air pressure of a cargo hold- you’re not going to enjoy all the cool laser battle stuff that takes place there. If I say that the atmosphere of Mars contains oxygen levels of 20% in order to allow the babes to take off their spacesuits, then the reader should accept that as fact.” Cantwright challenges his readers to be less critical, focus on Android Blossom’s character development, “and maybe get laid, nerds.”

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