World of 7 Billion People, Girl Finds Soulmate in Math Class

IOWA CITY, IA – While Mrs. Ferling showed a graph on the world’s population of 7.7 billion people to her 6th grade math class, Kelly doodled in her notebook, knowing that she had already found her one, true love in Jeremy Matthews. Kelly felt so incredibly lucky that out of the Earth’s 195 countries, Jeremy was born in the same one as she, and even though there were 50 states in the U.S., with countless towns and tons of school districts, she and Jeremy somehow ended up sitting just two rows apart in homeroom. Not to mention being born in the same year as her future husband, maybe even the same month. What are the odds of that? Ironically, Mrs. Ferling was writing out the probability of such a thing on the whiteboard, but all Kelly was watching was the back of Jeremy’s perfectly-shaped head. Jeremy was half-listening to the lecture, wondering what would happen if all 7.7 billion people on Earth farted at the exact same time.

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