Movie Review: Disney’s Toy Story 4 Captures Mankind’s Love of Trash

Disney’s latest sequel has taken the fans on another emotional roller coaster, exploring the human condition, and mankind’s love of trash.

This time around, the toys journey to a carnival (trash) in the Grand Basin (trash) in pursuit of a used spork (trash). That spork, named Forky, loves trash.

“It’s warm. It’s cozy, and safe. Like somebody’s whispering in your ear, ‘Everything’s gonna be okay.’ “

The adventure leads our hero, Woody, to Second Chance Antique store (trash), and without giving anything away, let’s just say he discovers a lot of trash going on there.

While Woody goes antiquing, Buzz meets two brand-new characters, Ducky and Bunny. These stuffed animals, sewn together by the hand, have been hoping to be won as prizes at a booth carnival game for years. They’re the type of cheap toy that lays around your house for a week before ending up in the dog’s mouth, or- wait for it- the trash.

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