Dog Who Ate Homework Feels Guilty, Also Smarter

The family dog, Scooter, has been wrestling with guilt after eating Matt’s chemistry homework last week, but is also struggling to understand the periodic table.

He knows what he did was wrong, but he also now understands that everything in the Universe is made of one or more elements — pure substances — which are built by atoms and each have their own atomic number.

Matt (15) had to redo his assignment, and was pretty upset with his furry friend. Scooter could have easily done it for him, if he had thumbs to hold the pencil. Matt really struggled with the atomic symbols for Alkali metals, and Scooter remembers each of them — and their atomic weight — off the tip of his slobbering tongue.

If Matt leaves his chemistry textbook within reach, Scooter is sure he can ingest the rest of the topic of matter and energy, which would be a real upgrade from the old sneakers he has been chewing on for the last month.

In fact, Matt’s chemistry paper was so digestible, Scooter might try his little sister Emily’s crayons next. He has always been a big fan of the arts.

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