Parents Sue Pet Store: Rabbit Still Alive Day After Easter


MOUNT VERNON, IA – Tiffany and Zach Gremkock are suing Pet Palace after the bunny that they bought as an Easter present for their four year old daughter, Sadie, was still alive on Monday morning.

“We thought it would be like a goldfish,” said Tiffany. “The kind that comes in a plastic bag from a carnival that you bring home to play with for a few hours and then it dies. But apparently that was not the case with this thing!”

The Gremkock’s were shocked when they woke up on Monday to find the rabbit, who Sadie named Mr. Floppington, still alive. Things got much worse when they googled the lifespan of the pet.

“Wild rabbits live on average between 1 to 2 years, but a domestic rabbit like Mr. Floppington could live for 7 to 10,” said Zach. “It’s completely outrageous!”

When the Gremkock’s attempted to return the living creature that they bought as a prop for their religious holiday, they were shocked to be turned away.

“Pet Palace customers sign a clear contract when purchasing our animals, agreeing to take care of and provide a welcoming home for their furry friends,” said the store’s manager. “We don’t take bunnies back.”

Now the family is suing the pet store for knowingly selling animals that don’t die when you want them to.

“We think we have a case,” said Stephanie. “In the meantime, Mr. Floppington has gone to live with our late aunt Edna on the farm.”

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