Girl Waiting to Enter Train: ‘Can You Guys Scoot In?’

CHICAGO, IL – Daisy just wants to get on the train, like everybody else. She got out of bed late, like everybody else, and like everybody else, she has to get to work. So when the train arrives already packed-to-the-doors with commuters, Daisy knows the perfect solution.

“Can you guys, like, scoot in?” The demand is punctuated with a rise in inflection at the end, but Daisy isn’t asking a question. Beyond the shuffling of feet and a cough from deep inside the train car, her words seem to have no effect (and was that an eye roll?). The crowd stuffed inside to the point of indecency, their shoulders rubbing against one another, does not even try to make room for her.

Do they not see the crowd of people in front of her also trying to squeeze into the already full train? Don’t they know she has to get to work?

“Wait!” Daisy cries out as the conductor announces, “Stand clear. Doors are closing.”

“Wait! Guys, can you PLEASE move in?!”

The other waiting commuters fall back on the platform, knowing they will have to wait for the next train, scheduled to arrive in four minutes. As they back away, Daisy sees what she knew was there all along- a single empty seat, stained with vomit, in the crowded train car.

“Wait, guys, there’s an open seat! There’s an open seat! SOMEBODY TAKE THAT OPEN SEAT SO I CAN SCOOT IN!” She screams over the sound of the train whooshing passed.

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