Nigerian Prince Can’t Get Email Response To Save His Life

ABUJA, NIGERIA – The Prince of the “Giant of Africa” was kidnapped in 1990, and has been desperately sending emails to random strangers for nearly 30 years without response.

“My captors left me a computer in my room, and when I am able to get an internet connection I send an SOS email to anyone I can get think of. Although I have sent millions of emails asking for help, no one has been able to set me free.”

The Prince says he has asked for everything he could think of in the cryptic messages, including cash, passports, social security numbers, plane tickets, and bank account information. Even when he manages to get one of those items, usually from a kind elderly person, the Prince remains trapped underground.

“Perhaps one day someone will send me enough money to pay-off the men who hold me here, and I will escape to live freely. Perhaps it may even be you*? Please respond, it is urgent.”

* does not recommend sending any Princes (especially Nigerian ones) personal information or money.

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