Hallmark Channel Releases New Movie About Woman Trapped in Hallmark Channel Movie

Exhausted New York City bakery owner, Stephanie, finds herself trapped in the same lonely holiday routine: work by day, fall asleep to Hallmark Channel Christmas movies on the couch by night. Her mom won’t stop calling to ask if she is bringing a man home this year, and the annual charity bake sale is coming up! But all those worries soon become cherished memories when on this Christmas Eve, Stephanie wakes up to find herself in a Hallmark movie of her very own! Trapped in Tinseltown, a city full of cheer and misspelled menu items, Stephanie must force Carlos- an obviously gay, half-Latino florist- to kiss her under the mistletoe at City Hall before midnight, or she’ll lose her self-awareness, and be stuck in Christmas fiction forever! Will Stephanie finally lose her ability to separate reality from fiction for good, or will she be able to convert the man with beautiful veneers and bulging pecs? Find out in the all new, yet somehow same old movie, My Life is a Hallmark Movie.  Premiering December 20th on the Hallmark Channel.

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