Office “Holiday” Party Clearly Christmas Themed

CHICAGO, IL – Junkins Toy Shop is currently on HR’s Naughty List after Friday’s company holiday party turned out to be exclusively Christmas themed. Winston Folluck, CEO, sent this email to all staff this morning:

Junkins Toy Shop is an equal opportunity employer. We respect the religious views of all employees, and regret that our holiday party was so clearly Christmas themed. While the colors red and green are embraced by many as neutral festive decor, we understand that the “Merry Christmas” banner tilted the scales a bit. And while we received many compliments on Raj’s Santa (great job, Raj!), I understand now that my forcing everyone to recite the Lord’s Prayer before the hors d’oeuvre were passed pulled us away from an interfaith environment. The open bar was a big success, thanks to our friends at Shanty Winery, but-again- I totally get why so many people were upset by the offering of communion from my Pastor, Tim. Please accept my apology, as I would never want any of my staff to feel discriminated against. I am dedicated to learning from this experience as we enter a brighter New Year.

God Bless,
Winston Folluck
CEO Junkins Toy Shop

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