Vegan Can’t Decide Best Way To Offend Host This Thanksgiving

Vegan Bethany (24) has been invited to meet her boyfriend’s parents for the first time at their home this Thanksgiving. In her best efforts to offend the hosts, Vegan Bethany has come up with the following rude ideas:

  • Pack Her Own Meal, Show Up With a Lunchbox

This will surely draw attention the moment she enters the household, and give a fantastic first impression that says “I don’t trust you or your filthy food!”

  • Make a Covered Dish To Share- Only Eat That Dish At the Table

This is a wonderfully rude way to gesture that you think you’re a better cook than the host; hopefully you get more compliments than her, too!

  • Choose To Eat Only Provided Vegan Options – (a.k.a. some carrots from the appetizer tray, bread crumbs leftover on the counter)

thanksgiving-2722816__340.jpgThis is a great option if you want a slow-burn approach to your veganism announcement, as people will notice your empty plate right away and are sure to ask about the reasoning with concerned expression until they realize you just want attention.

  • Call Ahead To Announce Her Veganism – Ask For Special Treatment

Old school way to get uninvited- nice!

  • Just Not Eat

Tell them you “aren’t feeling well.” Classic.

With so much offensive ways to say, “I know you’re cooking for twenty, but I’m special,” it really is no wonder why Vegan Bethany is struggling to choose.

Most likely she’ll just not show up to avoid making anybody mad.

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