Costumed Partygoer Pauses To Consider If Killer Is Right Behind Him

(LOS ANGELES – CA) At a Halloween party at his buddy Josh’s girlfriend’s house, Quinn couldn’t help but feel a little uneasy surrounded by devils, demons, and sexy nurses. Were they really just people in costume, or were they highly intelligent serial killers just waiting to strike after the bridge of the next Panic at the Disco song? Had he had too much to drink? And why do we feel the need to get wasted to numb our fears on a day that’s intended to scare us? Will he ever find a dream job, or his life’s purpose? What was his Halloween costume last year…a moose? No, that was two years ago…

Quinn was so entranced in this downward spiral that he didn’t notice a shiny, very sharp knife rising up out of the crowd behind him.

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