Movie Review: ‘Halloween’ A Romantic Reunion 40 Years in the Making

SPOILER FREE- Move over A Star is Born, Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) and Michael Myers are back in a romantic fall film that will leave you clutching your loved-ones close. A sequel to the now 40 year old original movie of the same name, Laurie and Michael’s passion for one another – even after all this time- reminds us of such Hollywood classics as The Way We Were, or The Lake House.

Curtis portrayal of the heartbroken Laurie, who has successfully alienated her family in a way that many people wish they could, is masterful. From the moment she lays eyes on the hunky, strong but silent Michael (James Jude Courtney), you know she must have him.

While the cat and mouse/ will they-won’t they plot will leave you on the edge of your seat, I must admit that it is distracted by a lack luster B plot about a small town murder investigation (like-what?). Writer/Director David Gordon Green would have been better off to focus solely on the lustful reunion between the main characters; but I supposed in 2018 that doesn’t sell many tickets.

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