Amazon Prime Delivers Breakfast in Bed

Last week, Amazon unveiled their new In-Car Delivery service, allowing Prime members to have packages left in their car like a newborn baby during a flash sale at TJ Maxx.

While this service is convenient, it pales in comparison to their next endeavor: Amazon in Bed!

Recognizing that with each new service, Prime members want to put even less effort into having products delivered to them, Amazon is bringing breakfast straight to the bedroom on a silver tray. All customers need to do is leave their front door open at night, and in the morning one of thousands of Amazon delivery drivers will come into your home, stand over your body, and wake you up with an order of flapjacks, maple bacon, and buttered biscuits!

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well then you’re going to love their service being revealed in 2020: Amazon Wipes!


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