Catholic Church Still Passing Around That Plate, Even Though There’s No Food On It

If you haven’t been to a church service in awhile, you may be surprised to find that the Catholic Church is still passing around an offering plate with, get this, no offering!

This baffled me as a kid, but as an adult I just find it insulting.

I used to think it was because my family sat in the back row, in the last pew closest to the exit, so when the plate came to us, everyone had taken all the bread and donated some money for it. So when I went this past Sunday I made sure to sit down front and furthest on the aisle, to be the first person to grab the offering.

They straight up handed me an empty plate.

Now I’m not the God-fearing type, but if I were a believer, I would want my Lord and Savior to be one that rewards their loyal followers with copious amounts of gouda, cheddar, and a variety of goat cheeses. I mean- the Church already has a wine cellar, am I right? Let’s add some brie to that Eucharist and have ourselves a real celebration of the Power of Christ!

All I’m saying, is that if there was a little more incentive (*cough* crudités), I would probably throw a buck in the basket, maybe.


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