Local Woman Leaves Family, Elopes with Ketchup from Animal Crossing

Melissa Duncan (41) has not been seen or heard from since leaving for work at 8:25 AM Tuesday, and her family now believes she may be trapped in the mobile app “Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp” after this post appeared on her Instagram feed:


Her husband is quite concerned. “I’m glad she’s happy, but I really hope she comes back home. We need her! She’s the only one who knows how to work the Apple TV.”

Melissa has a history of getting lost in the Animal Crossing video game franchise. When the initial game was first released in 2001, Melissa lost a job at the local grocery store because she was so caught up in playing with Rover on her Gamecube.

Melissa’s mom doesn’t see the harm in her daughter’s choice.

img_6576“She just finds all of the animals to be so adorable and charming, and I know she was crafting some pretty amazing items to put in her camper. It only makes sense that she finally got so invested that the game pulled her in. Her husband is terrible. If she’s happy, let her stay there!”

But not everyone is as supportive. Melissa’s 14 year old daughter wrote in a comment to the post:

“Mom! Brandon won’t stop putting bugs in my lunchbox, and Dad keeps saying if he knew he’d be stuck with us alone he would have worn a rubber! Come home! We NEED you! GET OUT OF THAT GAME”.

Melissa, wherever you are, we hope you are safe. Also, don’t forget to pay off your Camper loan to OK Motors.


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