Pathetic Blogger Posts Another Article For You to Ignore

Another one? Seriously?! When will this kid realize no one gives a crap about his stupid writing “career”?

I mean come on: He has posted about fifty of these “comedy” things and I’ve read maybe two of them. They were both garbage. What does he think he is doing?

Let’s begin with his Style: he has none. His hair is terrible (though better than the mop he used to wear on his head in college) and he clearly is still wearing clothes circa 2010.

Structure: Forget about it. He lacks any physique. The guy can’t even do a sit-up, I’m impressed he can hold a pen. No core strength at all.

Tone: The dude is whiter than Elmer’s glue. Probably because he stayed inside all summer writing this garbage.

I’m not going to click on the article. I’m not going to like it, share it, or comment on it at all. Maybe he will finally take the hint.


It’s not that I wish him badly, I just don’t think he is very good, and don’t want to support him while he figures that out for himself. If he were to get picked up by an agency or publication company, I guess the egg will be on my face. But I just don’t see that happening with the level of writing I’ve seen him produce so far.


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