It’s Not That Cold Out, Says Your Dad

HOLLAND, MI – Temperatures have fallen below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, but your dad wants to remind you that, “it’s not that cold out”. While you zip up your winter coat, dawn your mittens, scarf, and knitted hat, your dad is heading to Home Depot in his usual cut-off flannel and blue jeans.

img_6183“It’s not even winter and you all are outside walking around with your boots on!” Paul Schultz (57) laughs, as he drives with the windows down to buy a new rake for his back yard. “I went to get ice cream the other day and the tasty freeze is closed until next year. I tell you what, if they were smart they’d stay open while everybody was out doing their holiday shopping.”

Paul returns home an hour later with a new rake, and a leaf blower he got on sale (15% off). He takes his shirt off in the garage. Standing in the concrete structure, you can see his breath as he reminds you that it’s still warm outside.

“I’ll wear my coat when it gets cold. It’s a beautiful day, and I’m gonna take care of them leaves before it gets dark.”

Photo credit: Kitty Mazac. Special thanks to the Mazac family.

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