What Your Home Decor Actually Says About You

You may not realize it, but the choices you make when selecting your home decor can end up saying a lot about you. Don’t believe us? Check out the harsh reality check your most prized trinkets served up during our recent visit to your home!

The Toilet Topper


The ceremic fox sitting on top of the toilet tank has seen [and smelled] a lot since you placed it there when you moved in 5 years ago. While you have long since stopped noticing its existence, it wants to remind you that it hasn’t moved, and that it is high time to retire “Someone Like You” and “Hello” from your shower-song repertoire. 

The Wine Holder


That other ceramic fox (really, Nicole?), the one that has been holding a dusty bottle of wine for the last 3 years, is also paying attention to you, and thinks you’re long overdue for a glass. A tall, lonely glass.

The Home Sweet Home Sign


The farmers market, $12 sign that makes it clear to everyone that you live with a dog (in case it wasn’t obvious when they are greeted by the beast) and hangs above your kitchen table says you are adding too much salt to your meals. That’s all.

The Bookends


The Willow Tree statue on your bookshelf seems to think that you get most of your reading material downloaded on your Kindle lately, and is wondering why you need to keep your old theatre degree scripts and textbooks? You’re never going to read those again, Nicole. You’re never going to get back into acting. Donate those books to the next poor schmuck who believes in the power of art.

The Key Dish


Lastly, that dish on your hallway table that you throw your keys into when you come home from your soul-draining nine-to-five job every night before turning on Netflix? Yeah, it wants to remind you that you are still living alone, that 32 isn’t really as young as your friends tell you it is, and your mother is right to worry.


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