Mom Awaits Thanksgiving To See Daughter, Ask How To Delete Voicemails, Again

GREENSBURG, PA – Now that November is here, Diane Plumsey (52) has wasted no time in getting ready for Thanksgiving Day.  While the suburban x-ray technician has many favorite parts of the holiday season (the cooking, the decorating, seeing friends and family) she can’t deny what she is most excited about this Turkey Day:


Katie (30, LOS ANGELES) says she blames herself for the confusion, as she gave her mom the iPhone in May to replace the digital cellular Diane was toting around since 2011.

“I got the 6s plus,  and then went home for Memorial Day. I thought it would be nice to give my mom my iPhone 4s. I had no idea how much trouble it would cause.”

Diane says that while she has two other full-grown adult children who live within 7 miles of her in Westmoreland County, it’s just easier to have Katie do it.

“Rob works nights and Daniel is finishing grad school. Katie is a writer, so she has time to figure this kind of thing out.”

Diane has already purchased her turkey and most of the canned goods she needs for her family’s Thanksgiving feast from Giant Eagle, but she still needs to figure out how to answer Skype calls with the video enabled. She hopes Katie will take the time to show her how to send those moving-picture texts, too.

Until then, she’ll just have to stick with what she knows: playing Candy Crush and Words With Friends with strangers online.

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