Thousands of Gay Bears Hibernate until next June

Lions and Tigers and Bears, buh-bye!

Now that Pride month has ended, thousands of exhausted gay bears are laying down for a nice long nap. How long? Well, you might not see some of them again until next June.


June is an exhausting month for many bears in the LGBTQ community. Thirty days of dancing in the streets, spreading the importance of equality is no small task! It is no surprise that many bears spend the following months recovering and planning for the next pride season. Each year expectations get higher, as pride and awareness become more important to fight for. That means more work for our furry friends.

Just what goes into feeling your best for the big month? Rigorous dieting and exercise to stay in shape are two key components. The average bear is omnivorous, so a combination of salmon, fruits, and berries allows them to hold extra weight for the winter hibernation. This is not so great for the gay bears looking for that long, lean muscle look next summer.

How do they shed the pounds come springtime? Why bear yoga, of course!

Photographs by Cori Lewis and Devin Henderson

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