5 Times You Missed the Invisible Plane in the new “Wonder Woman” movie

Anyone who knows Wonder Woman knows that the goddess can usually be found riding high in her invisible plane. Some hardcore fans of the the D.C. character were disappointed that the aircraft didn’t show up in the new feature film starring Gal Gadot.

Or did it?

Here are five times the invisible jet was right in front of you, and you didn’t even know.

1. When The entire squad was literally standing inside the cockpit:

2. When WW drives the plane through a wall, stabbing this clown with the front tip (so pointy!):

3. Don’t blink or you won’t not see the jet zoom past as the bomb blows:

4. I bet you were too busy starring at Steve Trevor’s nether regions in the hot tub scene to notice that under that water…Yep. Invisible Submarine.

5. Finally, if you squint during Wonder Woman’s epic final boss fight, you can’t see the plane just behind her (upper left corner) as she whips cars at Ares:

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